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My favorite thing to be in life is a hostess. Whether it's hosting friends for game night, a neighbor's dog for the weekend, community members for dinner at the shelter, or a client in my car as we trek across the city, I find the act of serving others incredibly fulfilling. It just feels good to help others and to be reliable. It's that simple.

Seattle has been my home since 2013. I've spent most of my years in the Bay Area (Sonoma and San Francisco), but I can't imagine living my life anywhere but Seattle. My career in real estate was inevitable. I put myself through college at San Francisco State University cleaning houses and managing property, and continually found myself helping others to manage their homes and family lives in a myriad of roles. After 4 years of working in the Seattle Public Schools managing after school programs for the YMCA, I decided it was time to finally pursue a career in real estate.

I believe in hard work, details, honesty, and never settling for less than what you've set out to accomplish. Guiding clients through the home buying process is my favorite part of my job, and sometimes that means NOT selling them a home. Home ownership is not for everyone, and I look forward to helping you determine whether or not it's a good fit for you, or the right time to make a purchase. I'll be your champion every step of the way - it'll be fun, I promise!


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